The Chief Wedding, Squamish BC - Angie + Jacy

If there's a couple I know who has gone the furtherest down the untraditional route, it's Angie and Jacy. They had a very casual brunch reception with their families, and then we did their bridal portraits in their dress and suit up in Squamish! I cannot fathom how much I loved being a part of their journey, and all the magic we created throughout. Their portraits are probably one of my favourite to date - you just can't go wrong with those views, let alone the beautiful things they incorporated into it! Angie wore a traditional Vietnamese outfit for the first half, and then changed into a jaw-dropping wedding dress with a veil that stretched to the ends of the Earth. And of course, Jacy got on her level and matched up with a sharp blue suit that gifted from A's parents! Needless to say, A+J laid back spirit and value for their families was obvious on all these occasions, and it was a pleasure to witness.