'70s Inspired Jericho Beach Engagement Session, Vancouver BC - Bethany + Ryan

I’m sad because I will never ever be as cool as Bethany and Ryan, but I am also so happy because I got to photograph these two for their engagement session. B+R showed up at Jericho Beach in their ‘70s inspired outfits and I swear, I could’ve cried. My creative juices were flowing, the weather was superb and I was READY to photograph my ass off. I felt artistically connected to them in a way that I felt confident in trying ‘poses’ I’ve never done before, and they of course, slayed it. Not only was their style off the charts, their stunning features made me pinch myself to check if I was living in a dream. Their good souls just shined through as I spent the evening with them and it really shows in their photos. Not to mention their incredible chemistry together; these two truly are best friends and so, so in love. How lucky I was to witness that. I can’t wait to spend more time with them this Summer as they vow to unite forever and ever!

P.S. Speaking of cool, they wanted to recreate the Nancy & Lee album cover, and I think we nailed it?? Scroll down to see, duh.