Downtown New Westminster Urban Engagement Session, Vancouver BC - Courtney + Marat

Sorry Downtown Vancouver, move aside - Downtown New West is giving you a run for your money in the cool, hip urban setting category! Or at least I think so…wouldn’t you agree though? New Westminster is such a hidden gem with it’s heritage buildings, grungy charm and urban backdrops. You can easily find interesting textures and walls with every corner you turn. I’m so glad Courtney and Marat put their trust in me to choose an ‘industrial feeling’ spot for their engagement session! I automatically started looking for somewhere Downtown in Vancouver, but then the moment it hit me that NW would be the perfect location, I couldn’t tell them fast enough. I’ve since photographed in the area a few times, with one of those times being in front of the camera! I love love love this location, not only for it’s ~ aesthetic ~ (ugh, buzz word), but for all the delicious restaurants that are around! If you need any recommendations, let me know. I’m an unofficial New West tour guide now.