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                                               Please fill out the form below to ensure I have all the details I need for your big day; it'll make things go smoother for all of us! Also, this form will ensure that everyone who is involved in making your day awesome gets the credit they deserve! 

I kindly ask for this form to be filled out and submitted at least 1-2 weeks before your wedding.

Thank you, you’re the best.


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Your Name
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Your Phone Number
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Your Partner's Name
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Their Phone Number
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Any last name changes for you or your partner, or both of you?
Address after the wedding? Please fill out this portion even if it will remain the same. *
Address after the wedding? Please fill out this portion even if it will remain the same.
If so, please fill it out here.
Please provide their name/company, website and contact information, separated by a comma (,) or forward slash (/).
May I share your images with your vendors? *
So that they can share their involvement in your day on their social media!
If they are all different, just the brand names will do!
DJ / Live Music / Performances
Your preparation info
Big tip for choosing your getting ready location: A ROOM WITH LOTS OF NATURAL LIGHT! A space that has big windows usually does the trick! As well, decluttering the room of bags, trash, water bottles, clothes, before I get there is much appreciated and recommended.
1 hour is recommended for getting ready photos, and having all the bride's details (dress, shoes, jewelry etc.) all in once place prior to my arrival makes dress & detail shots most efficient! Having the bride's hair & makeup done first before her girls is best. This will allow her time to relax (so important!) and put on the dress and jewelry.
Partner's Preparation Info
Again, a space with natural light is key!
For Grooms, 30 minutes - 1 hour is recommended for getting ready photos. It usually consists of the groom & groomsmen putting on their ties, cuff links & shoes. Please have everyone dressed in their shirts and pants prior to my arrival to make the most of our time.
If both you and your partner would like equal amount of coverage for getting ready (1 hour each), a second shooter is recommended. Please let me know if you'd like to add one to your package!
This doesn't have to be exact, even if you have an estimate that would be great! Also, don't feel like it has to be done all at once. We can break it up into smaller portions throughout the day if needed!
If you already have some ideas of where you'd like to do your portraits, let me know here! If not, you can leave it to me to scout and find some awesome spots! Just ask and I'd be happy to help.
Please include the relationship of each name to you/your partner.
Such as tossing of seeds, confetti, rice or exiting in a getaway car etc.
If so, I will need a family grouping list prior to the wedding day. I can send a sample to use as a reference if need be!
If you have a rough idea, or a list made already of the family groupings you would like for photos, please enter it here in point form.
A helper to call out names of family members is recommended. It will help move the process along quicker and smoother. Someone who knows family from both sides is best.
Any sensitive relationships, certain group pairings we should avoid etc.
Is there a cocktail hour / lawn games of some sort for your guests? (Between ceremony & reception)
Will you have a grand entrance to the reception?
*A vendor meal is only required for weddings with 4 hours of coverage or more. It is recommended that the photographer/videographer get their meals at the same time as yours - the earlier we finish, the sooner we can get back into the action :)
Aside from the usual first dance (if you choose to have one), will you also have a father/mother dance? Any other special dances?
Describe the nature of it (ie. sparkler exit), when and where it will be happening.
This provides me with a timeline for your previews!