Romanda + Andrew | Golden Ears Park Engagement

Romanda and Andrew had been away from each other for about 3 weeks prior to their engagement session, as Andrew lives in Alaska and Romanda is located here. It was a good idea to schedule their session the day after they were reunited because these two could not keep their hands off of each other! We spent the evening in Golden Ears Park and were given the most beautiful view of the mountains, and perfectly placed fog. They told me their story and it just made me melt: they met, went on 3 dates and fell in love, all within a week! These two really couldn't be more perfect for each other with their big hearts for helping others (they are both rescue volunteers!) and their love for the outdoors - to name a few. R + A get married this Saturday, and it's almost entirely DIY, so I'm looking forward to seeing all their hard work come together; it's going to be a beautiful day.