Pitt Lake Engagement Session, Vancouver BC | Noury + Shayne

If I asked you to describe a perfect day for an engagement session, some would say "a sunny, warm, dry day" - or at least most would prefer that. Well, Noury + Shayne's session at Pitt Lake was none of those things, yet it was the perfect day to me. Not only are Noury and Shayne just visually appealing people (what's another way to say "really good looking"?), they are the best kind of people on the inside: hearts of gold, the greatest sense of humour, and the goofy-makes-you-grin-like-an-idiot kind of love for each other. Okay, they also made ME grin like an idiot. I love these two so much; I guess it helps that they were my friends to begin with, but that usually ends up happening one way or another  :)