Vancouver Wedding Photographer | Intan & Ryan Golden Ears Engagement

A week or so before our engagement session, Intan & Ryan informed me that they had just gotten a new puppy, a husky puppy if you will, and asked if they could bring him to the shoot. If you know me, you know that I yelped with joy and couldn't respond with a quicker "HECK YES!" Come the day of our shoot, we headed to the beautiful forest of Golden Ears Park, with its infamous mossy trees that I & R were looking forward to. Loki (their puppy) also had a blast there; they call him the 'vegan' dog as he loves munching on leaves and sticks, and surely enough, that's what he did the whole time! I loved hanging out with the 3 of them and for us to get more comfortable with each other. Their day is only over a few months away, I can't wait to meet their loved ones and spend time with them and their whole tribe!