Hannah | White Rock Sunset Beach Session

I could gush about the beginnings of mine and Hannah's friendship, but I won't because you'll be disgusted with how in love with each other we are. What I will say though, is that we've only known of each other for a couple months, and been friends for a few weeks and I feel like I've found a soul sister in this girl. From a photographer to another, we are constantly in support of each other's work and journey, and are always open to sharing our thoughts and struggles of our businesses. It's incredibly rare to find someone who you connect with on so many levels in your life, let alone the fact that it all happened completely unintentionally. I'm so excited to have Hannah by my side (yeah we call each other our girlfriend haha) and be by hers while we continue to grow our businesses and come into our own as photographers. She's the whole package you guys - stunning, hilarious, kind hearted, incredibly talented and SO cool. Check her out at www.hannahmartinphotography.com