Golden Ears Engagement Session, Vancouver BC - Donna + Isaac

If I'm being transparent, word of mouth is still by far the strongest method of getting your name out there, for any business. Donna & Isaac were connected to me by one of my couples from this year, Dawn & Gerard (refresh your memory here)! D & I are based in Seattle, and they took a weekend trip up to Vancouver for their engagement session at none other than Golden Ears Park. They have a greenhouse, greenery, nature vibe going for their wedding and wanted a location that would relate to that, so that's what they were going to get. Although we've never met prior to the session, our interaction felt so natural and comfortable, it was like it was meant to be. We were graced with a stunning sunset, and the lowest water level I have ever seen at Alouette Lake! Needless to say, D & I's photos are some that I love so very much.