Carolynn + Cole | Fort Langley Engagement Session

For Carolynn and Cole's engagement session, we pretty much went on a tour of Fort Langley, hitting up all of their favourite spots. Our first stop was their favourite book store (and one of the main reasons people go to Fort Langley), Wendels Bookstore and Cafe. Yup, it was everything you imagine a bookstore engagement session would be: cute + cozy. The second location we went to was Republica Coffee Roasters, where the coffee was delicious and the space was beautiful. The last two spots we went to were some of the many things they love to do together: disc golf and wine tasting. Watching them play and hearing them talk about wine was both fun, enlightening and educational. C+C have this way of bringing out the adorable 'scrunchy-face' laugh from each other, and it is so infectious. I couldn't help but smile every time it happened - and it was constant!